About Us

Everyone knows the struggle of finding a place to eat that works for everybody. It's weird there can even be a conflict over something we all seem to enjoy so much, right? I mean, more and more people every day are self labeling with names like "connoisseur," "epicurean," or "foodie." (Some of these labels we claim ourselves) So we totally understand the difficulty of deciding, "What do I want to eat?" Of course, even if you manage to pick what you want, you're left with, "The one by the highway or the one uptown?" And maybe, "Is there food near me?" "What are the restaurants near me?" "How can I organize a group lunch if I can't even answer these questions for myself?" We got tired of this. We were sure there was an easier way. 

Some people figure out a mish-mash of rotating who decides what, just to spread the stress around. Others attempt to conquer it by creating a new stress like maintaining a spreadsheet that no one else in the group can ever help with because... whoa!

We've done the spreadsheets, the rotations, the frustration.

Meal Pickle solves all of this. You already know the area you'll be in, you already know the people you plan to eat with, Meal Pickle will provide you a chat room where you can all see a list of restaurants and ideas as a group and vote on which one you'll go to!

The team

There were twelve of them. They were hard workers. They were great at getting things done. But they couldn’t decide where to eat. They lagged forever on it. Their manager fired them all. It didn’t have to be this way.

The couple

She wanted a nice evening out together. A little romance. A little wine. He wanted a fun night. Raucous. Noisy. Shouting in unison at the game. They made their decision; if they couldn’t even choose food together, how could they choose each other. They could have been so much more.

The friends

They were six of the best friends. There was a chef, a waitress, an actor, aw nevermind... How they all afforded those NYC apartments, no one knows. They did manage to decide on a restaurant to go to. But no one confirmed which location... Two ended up in Jersey, One in Queens, Two more in North Manhattan, And the last one stayed home just staring at the locations page on the restaurant’s site. Their show got cancelled. So, no one told them life was gonna be this way...